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24. Gay. Hampton Roads.
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what do you do at hogwarts if you start your period? 

like do you go and see madam promfrey? or your head of year? because i’m just trying to imagine the slytherins going snape and asking for tampons


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Live in Tokyo 1985.

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When you flip bats upside down they become exceptionally sassy dancers.

precious fuzzy dancing bbys

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The cast of OITNB for People magazine.
"I’ve worked in bigger casts, but it’s always mostly men like on That ’70s show. So actually, working around all of these women, I was a little nervous. But seriously, they’re all so wonderful. There’s not one girl who’s like a diva.” - Laura Prepon

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All I’ve done is watch Orange Is The New Black
 basically 95% of the population yesterday and today  (via lana-anal)

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Hot List: The Ladies of Orange Is the New Black

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If It Fits, I Sits [via]

Previously: Cats Stuck in Things

I still don’t know how cats are real

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